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SticksNChips is a new Southern California company supplying natural, raw Ribbonwood and Manzanita products to the wholesale market. Both woods can be ordered as fresh and pre-cut by manufacturers and artisans worldwide. We take pride in harvesting our wood in a manner that preserves this natural resource while reducing fire dangers for local residence.

Uses for Ribbonwood and Manzanita are virtually endless. Often used for bird perches and handcrafted walking sticks, these wonderful hard woods can also be fashioned into home and lawn decorations or furnishings such as fencing, patio covers, hummingbird feeders, clocks, wall hangings, dividers, and more. Some of the most beautiful Native American flutes are made with Manzanita. Many crafts favor these wonderful hardwoods for their durability and reddish colors. Herbalists will also find these woods and their fruits have wonderful medicinal properties.

Ribbonwood and Manzanita are also excellent as barbeque and cooking woods having a less pungent or bitter taste than mesquite, hickory or oak. They burn hot making long-lasting coals, perfect for smoking meats and vegetables. Watch for our upcoming section on recipes and suggested cooking uses for our Manzanita and Ribbonwood chips or blocks.

Manzanita in the early morning
For more great ideas, watch for the many freebies on our soon-to-publish "Be Creative" and "Crafts" pages.

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Project Resources

How To Build...
Free articles detailing craft projects that might use our products. more to come...

Smoking with Manzanita ...
Free arrticles and recipes for using Manzanita for smoking and cooking. more to come...

  SticksNChips is an environmentally conscious company so we make sure that all of our products are sustainable and that our supply comes from renewable sources.

The Beauty of
Ribbonwood and Manzanita

While there are many hard woods available for most of the uses we suggest, there's a certain specialness about owning and using woods that are rare in much of the world, expecially woods with such wonderful color and durability as Ribbonwood and Manzanita. more to come...

Ribbonwood after
the rain



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